The Band Boosters are a volunteer organization whose main responsibility is to support the entire Fuquay-Varina High School Band Program. It takes a great deal of time, organization and effort each year to meet the needs of the Band Program.  Parent volunteering is crucial to our success. Parents, please take a moment to review our volunteer needs below and let us know how you can help by contacting the committee chair persons.  (If you are interested in filling a vacant committee chair, please contact Michelle DeSantis.)

BAND CAMP (Deb Parker / Co-Chair Needed

This committee works with the band director to plan, organize, prepare for and chaperone summer marching band camp. 


Responsible for recruiting volunteers to oversee water breaks and administer minor first aid during marching band field rehearsals. 

CHAPERONE (Barbara Anthe - Senior Parent Marie Randall)

Coordinates volunteers to serve as chaperones, assures that sufficient chaperones are scheduled, and ensures chaperones understand their responsibilities.  Chaperones are required for all home football games, playoff football games, marching & concert band competitions, parades, marching band camp, and any other event that takes the students off campus. Parents who wish to chaperone must register with and be approved by the Wake County Public School System prior to chaperoning students.

COMMUNICATION (Wesley Jerome / Eloisa Docton)

Manages BBFV's Google non-profit account, which includes products BBFV utilizes such as Google Sites (this website), Google Groups (email distributions lists), and Google Drive (storage for shared electronic files). 

FUNDRAISERS FOR FVHS BANDS (Michelle DeSantis / Co-Chair Needed)

    • Band On The Run/5K (Mike & Kelli WallaceCo-Chair Needed) - A 5K race held in the fall.  Proceeds are applied to the Capital Campaign.  This committee coordinates course layout/management, registration, T-shirt design/production, and volunteering.
    • BBQs (Eloisa Docton / Michelle DeSantis / Brian Rau) - Held in spring and fall.  Proceeds are applied to all bands. This committee helps plan, prepare, coordinate volunteers, and run the BBQs. FALL DATE: 11/4/2017
    • Festival of Bands (FOB) (Mike Wallace / Co-Chair Needed) -  A marching band competition and major fundraiser.  Volunteer assistance from all parents ensures its success.  Please contact one of the FOB chairpeople if you can lend assistance to their committee or have questions:
          • Baked GoodsRuth Hillmann
          • Candy Grams – Sharon Hizer / Renee Martinez - Senior Parent
          • Communications (Radios) - Mike Wallace
          • ConcessionsDeanna Raycroft - Senior  Parent
          • ConcessionsKatie Hanks
          • Corporate Sponsorships - John Sanchez
          • EquipmentBrian Rau - Senior Parent Chuck Elliot
          • HospitalityDanielle Milligan
          • Hosting/RegistrationKelli Wallace
          • Judge Liaison/Press BoxBrenda Kintner - Senior Parent
          • MB Work Assignment CoordinatorBarbara Anthe - Senior Parent
          • MB Work Assignment Coortinator - Marie Randall
          • ParkingJon Kintner - Senior Parent
          • ProgramsTim Duquette - Senior Parent
          • Ticket Sales/Admissions Booth - Kim Rau - Senior Parent
          • Trophy Sponsorships - Amy Bennett
          • Watering Stations - Barbara Anthe - Senior Parent / Marie Randall
          • VendorsMichelle DeSantis / Co-Chair Needed
          • Volunteer Coordinator - Brianna Thrift
          • Volunteer CoordinatorChairperson Needed
    • Mattress Sale (Karen KochiesCo-Chair Needed - Coordinates needs of mattress sale company, student help, and secures cafeteria.  Proceeds applied to Capital Campaign. DATE: 11/4/2017
    • Restaurant Fundraisers (Deanna Raycroft- Senior ParentCo-Chair Needed) - Held once a month.  Restaurants donate a percent of their proceeds towards our Capital Campaign during a specific time/date.


This committee organizes, administers and oversees all approved fundraising activities that enable band students to earn funds for their individual band accounts.

HOSPITALITY (Danielle Milligan / Co-Chair Needed ) 

This committee plans and hosts special events for the band.  Events include the beginning of marching band season pot luck lunch, end of marching band season party, FOB hospitality suite for visiting marching band directors/coaches/bus drivers, and refreshments for wind ensemble and symphonic band concerts. 

PIT CREW: EQUIPMENT & TRANSPORTATION (Brian Rau - Senior Parent Chuck Elliot)  

This committee is responsible for ensuring all equipment is present at all marching band performances and some away concert band performances.  For away performances, this committee transports, loads, and unloads all equipment.   At the performance, pit crew members transports large “non-marching” instruments, props and equipment to and from the marching band field or concert stage.  This committee is also responsible for scheduling rental trucks if needed. 

PUBLICITY (Carrie WinnMichelle DeSantis

This committee promotes band activities to the public.  Activities to be publicized include performances, competitions, concerts, achievements, and band fundraisers.

SPONSORSHIP (John Sanchez Co-Chair Needed)

This committee works year-round to solicit funds/donations from local businesses to support the band program.  In addition, committee members investigate and submit applications for grants as an additional means of support for the band. 

UNIFORMS (Dianne Connor / Amy Bennett)

Responsible for issuing and maintaining marching band uniforms. This committee schedules fittings for students, assists with alterations (which mainly entails moving pre-installed snaps) and repairs uniforms as necessary.  This committee orders yearly color guard uniforms.  This committee also oversees the disbursement and storing of uniforms for all Marching band functions.  The chairperson oversees uniform cleaning (approximately 1 dozen parents divide uniforms and launder them at home).